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B2B Copywriting Marketing & Lead Generation


White Papers

Generates leads, gets publicity, and positions yourselves as thought leaders in your industry.

Direct Mail

Generates sales, collects leads, and develops inquiries so that your team gets the most from every campaign.

Email Campaigns

Keeps prospects warm and nurtures relationships to generate more sales with less energy from the sales team.

Press Releasees

Gives you the edge to build buzz around your latest product, service or project. This builds your brand and attracts talent.

Case Studies

Tells of the successes of your products and services while sharing the positive experience of your customer. Powerful!

Websites & Landing Pages

Builds living breathing 24/7 lead machines by connecting your great talents with your customers immediate needs.

Articles & Newsletters

Keeps you 'top of mind' with your prospects and shares your products and services to gently pre-sell for your team.

Brochures & Sell Sheets

Custom-crafted one-pagers that connect directly with your target prospects about a singular need.


Gives you the words for your next radio spot or on-air interview. Perfect for local B2B and PR campaigns.

Social Media

You get ghost-writers to keep your on-line social audience engaged with relevant and brand-building content.

Sales Proposals

Cleverly blends your team's technical skill with your client's needs, wants and desires to create a masterpiece of words that sell.

Tele-Selling Scripts

Gives you the power to clearly communicate when reaching out to prospects - builds confidence.

Media Backgrounders

Paints a simple and powerful picture for media outlets so that you and your business shine when you go public.

Speeches & Interviews

Gives your team the words they need to deliver a powerful message - on point and persuasive!


Cleverly crafted articles that do the heavy lifting of pre-positioning and selling in trade publications or online.
"It did not take too long to realize that Bradley was a star performer on the Nolte design team for the ReTRAC Project. His dedication to deliver the highest quality work product was evident and depended upon by project management. Bradley was extremely personable even under pressure. His integrity, reliability and creativity to find solutions was well regarded by the entire team, both design and construction."

Sr Project Administrator, Parsons Corporation
"You are absolutely, unequivocally, the BEST, MOST EXCELLENT, MOST SKILLED marketer I have ever met in our industry. You sir, are totally delightful! This was the first email I read this morning, and it totally set the tone for my day. THANK YOU. I felt welcomed. I felt that we were important to you. I haven't felt that often, as a subconsultant to a prime. I'm so totally thrilled about making connections with the other people who attended. Last night's event was as good as those chocolate chip cookies! Probably better, with a lot less calories!
Again, THANK YOU. I will do everything in my power to provide all that you ask by no later than tomorrow. And YES, Erica was amazing. She was the first person I saw when I got off the elevator last night, and she instantly made me feel comfortable. In this business, that means a lot.
You guys rock on so many levels! I can't wait to work with you. Have a fantastic rest of your day! Thanks to your email, I KNOW I will"
DEBRA "No Acronym" JONES
Owner/Principal, Noakro Consult LLC
As the son of a Fuller Brush Salesman turned middle manager, I went rogue and did the unthinkable - I got an engineering degree. Early in my career I quickly rose to leadership positions and ended up as the youngest partner of my fourth employer.

But, the itch to sell overwhelmed me and my DNA was showing up everywhere. As a young entrepreneur, I was selling my own professional services to consumers and businesses as a computer consultant to put myself through college. Then, after going into engineering, when the technical work was done for the day, I’d pinch hit for our marketing teams. This quickly became a skill as we continued to rack up the wins. I love to win and we won big!

I have been on more once-in-a-lifetime projects as technical staff, project manager or as a principal than one professional should be blessed with. I’ve worked on huge bridges, long underground train systems, and complex water resources projects. All have been won with a clever combination of words, presentation, reputation, and many ounces of technical skill.

In all this, I’ve come to appreciate making the complex simple and communicating directly to the decision makers in words they understand with benefits they appreciate. And, I love working on teams the continue to win. I know that working together will make winning faster and easier for you and I’m excited to get started on your next project.
Bradley Waldrop, P.E.
Founder, AEC Professional Matters
Excellence In Engineering Award Recipient
CEAC Transportation Technical Advisory Committee
APWA Leadership Develop Steering Committee
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